Cheng Yi-Ping aka Betty Apple aka Applex Twin 

is a composer, DJ, and sound performance artist. who is at the forefront of a new wave of experimental sound art / Live art in Taipei, drawing upon performance art to and electronic music to create powerful works that have propelled her rapid rise in the island's art scene.


Born in 1986, She is deeply influenced by bedroom electronica and sub-culture. Apple came to sound composition from a background in theatre. She is an accomplished producer of electronic music and DJ but also works with noise and range of aberrant textures.


During the year of 2012, she launched the “Performance of Experimental Electronic Music” and “The art of live sound”, and was active as a pioneer of “Sound Farmers”, an organization, founded on September, devoting to popularizing electronic music, enters on her own senses, creating a system which belongs to individual senses and includes many dimensions of tone. During her live performance, she produces sound with her body, creating an unknown ambiguity with the speaker, thus, she conveys a sonic wave connection of implosion mystery.


2012 saw her support Merzbow at The Wall in Taipei, and do performances alongside Zbigniew Karkowski and EVOL Scott AffordSamin SonSchneider TM,David Phillips ,KK Null.


 Apple delivered her performance / sound piece "Vibrators Love Sound" at the Lab in San FranciscoBerlin as part of a release event for White Fungus. She was also an artist in residence at Lacking Sound Festival in Taipei In 2013, in addition to her own performances, she curated a series of events exploring notions of sound in relation to femininity.













鄭宜蘋又名Betty Apple 以及 Applex Twin, 目前於臺北創作,受臥室電子樂與次文化影響甚深,喜好以化名呈現多重藝術創作風景.跨界參與聲音藝術,電子樂表演,劇場電影音樂設計,DJ。


Betty Apple為她身為聲音行為藝術家的化名;表演內容擅長使用限地製作的現成物為媒材,融合了其電影與劇場專業訓練背景,現場透過身體進行噪音行為的即興,提出身體政治的當代精神形態。Applex Twin Betty Apple的臥室電音製作化名其電子音樂風格傾向後現代解構拼貼思維。2015年首次以Applex Twin之名參與Forests森林合唱團製作的獨立音樂合輯《noWhere》。參與派樂黛唱片實驗電子合集。


Betty Apple曾受國際前衛藝術雜誌「白木耳」於舊金山、柏林、雪梨、東京、臺北進行噪音展演,與國際知名電子聲響藝術家MerzbowEVOLZbigniew Karkowski , Scott Afford,王福瑞,Samin SonSchneider TM,David Phillips 同台演出。

為台灣新生代聲音藝術搖籃的「失聲祭」2013年駐祭藝術家,2015年受失聲祭再度邀請,於香港Contemporary Musiking 「聲音下寨」計劃交換演出。為台灣電子樂遊牧組織「耕聲人」主辦人之一,促成台灣第一張以臥室電子樂反核人共同發起的「i love nuclear」的電音合輯.2015後常以DJ身份建構跳舞場域的前衛聲響,於不同場域放歌與表演Live Set,從美術空間至地下舞場,曲風以Techno為基底,透過其特有Industrial 與 Noise 個人調味,帶領觀眾於現場開展心靈旅程,於2016年受紐西蘭前衛電子樂廠牌VMR邀請,首次於國際發表Mix。





1986年生於台灣嘉義,現於台北創作。身上流著聲音藝術家與電子樂創作者的新數位混種基因。受臥室電子樂與次文化影響甚深,往來舞曲與噪音之間毫無阻礙。曾跨界參與聲音藝術,電子樂表演,劇場音樂設計。為2012年電子樂推廣團體「耕聲人」主辦人之一,於當年九月促成台灣第一張以臥室電子樂反核人共同發起的「i love nuclear」的反核電音合輯,為台灣新生代聲音藝術搖籃的「失聲祭」2013年駐祭藝術家。更被國際前衛藝術雜誌「white fungus」多次邀請,與國際知名電子聲響藝術家Merzbow,EVOL,Zbigniew Karkowski , Scott Afford,王福瑞,同台演出。