Cheng Yi-Ping aka Betty Apple (b.1986, based in Taipei) is a sound artist, electronic composer and DJ, and her practice is mainly in live art, sound art and video. Using sound and body as her artistic approach, the concept of her works is rooted from the postcolonial surrounding she originally comes from. By desecrating the imaginary historical burden and false symbols of race and history with the fictional intercontextuality, Cheng intends to break the control of industrial civilisation and to deconstruct the order of new world. Recently she is well known by her impromptu piece ‘The Feminine Voice’ which applying the contemporary erotic objects such as vibrating eggs, underwear, cutlery and neon paint as sound live material onto her body. Her performance is meant to challenge the symbolic fatherhood power by recording the microphone’s shouting and smash and remixing it into dramatic digital noises.

鄭宜蘋又名Betty Apple,生於1986年台灣嘉義,以現場藝術,聲音藝術為創作主軸,跨界於錄像行為,電子樂製作人,D J。創作觀念從自身生⻑的「後殖⺠」世界挖取題材,擅⻑以聲音與身體為書寫工具,透過寓言式的互文 本褻瀆虛幻歷史包袱,虛假的種族與歷史符號,嘗試脫離工業機械文明的控制,解構新世界秩序。


近年以 提倡現場藝術(LiveArt),即興作曲的「陰性聲音」著名,使用身體夾帶著當代工業化的情色娛樂物件如 跳蛋,內衣褲,刀叉,螢光顏料為現場聲音表演素材,表演過程透過對象徵父權的麥克風吶喊碰撞,使麥克風收其聲音,再透過筆電效果器混製呈現劇烈的數位扭曲噪音。